Instagram ID: @sassychris1

Christina Tan was born and grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia, she studied in Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles.

After her graduation she came back to Jakarta and started working in the fashion industry.

Christina TanAnd this is how it all started, “I started photography due to the extensive travel during my working time there.” Traveling to many different places was an eye opening to Christina, she just had to capture all the beautiful places that she’s been to. She started photography as a hobby until she started her Instagram account in December 2012.

Being on Instagram made Christina realized that she has so much to learn, ” it makes me wanna be and do better each day.”

Now after almost 2 years on being active on Instagram Christina is certainly one of the top Instagramers, she is not just taking amazing landscape pictures, her portrait pictures are also outstanding! She has won many awards, among them was 1st Place in Photograpy Week UK Magazine 2014, Top 200 Garuda Indonesia World Photo Contest 2012 and last but not least she was choosen as Top 12 World Instagramers by Peeta Travel TV, Dubai.

Though Christina travels a lot she wants the world to be more familiar with the beauty of Indonesia, ” Indonesia has so many beautiful places, Bali is one of my favorite, it’s like a second home for me.”

Christina’s feed is one that I’m looking forward to when log into Instagram, If you want to enjoy her work, please make sure to follow her journey through her amazing instagram feed.


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